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Fiber laser cutting machine Advantages in sheet metal proces

Source:HaiLeiRelease time:2016-03-04

The traditional cutting process means flame cutting, plasma cutting, waterjet cutting and wire cutting and punching processing, etc., laser cutting machine as a new means of technology in recent years, is the high energy density of the laser beam to be irradiated on the workpiece, so that local heat to melt, then use a high pressure gas blow slag forming slits, laser cutting has the following advantages.
1. Slotted narrow, high precision, slotted roughness is good, no re-treatment after cutting the following process.
2. The laser processing system itself is a computer system, you can easily arrange, modify, personalized for processing, especially for some of the contours of complex sheet metal parts, small batches of large quantities of the product life cycle is not long, from a technical and economic point of view to measure the cost and time of manufacture molds worthwhile, laser cutting particularly attractive.
3. The energy density of the laser processing of large, short duration, small heat-affected zone, heat deformation small, heat stress, coupled with a non-mechanical contact laser machining, the workpiece is no mechanical stress, suitable for precision machining.
4. The high energy density of the laser is sufficient to melt any metals, particularly suitable for the processing of some materials of high hardness, high brittleness, melting point means the other process difficult to process.
5. The low processing costs. One-time investment in equipment is more expensive, but continuous, large number of processing and finally to each part of the processing costs down.
6. The non-contact laser processing, inertia, processing speed, software programming with the NC system of CAD / CAM, time-saving and convenient, high overall efficiency.
7. The high degree of automation of the laser processing can be fully enclosed, non-polluting, low noise, greatly improving the operator's working environment.
Fiber laser cutting with respect to earlier laser cutting advantages:
1. The laser light transmitted through the fiber to the focusing head, the way is easy and flexible connection of supporting automated production line work.
2. Fiber ideal beam quality, greatly improving the cutting quality and efficiency.
3. Diode-pumped high stability and long life of the fiber laser, it need not like the traditional lamp-pumped lasers that need to be adjusted to suit the current xenon lamp aging problem, greatly improving the stability and consistent production of product sex.
4. The fiber laser photoelectric conversion efficiency of more than 25%, the system power consumption, small size, small footprint.
5. Compact structure, the system is highly integrated, less failure, easy to use, no optical adjustment, low maintenance or zero maintenance, truly a "landing light", with shock and vibration, dust resistant, really suitable for industrial processing sector Applications.

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