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Lamps marking machine, Hailei laser is your choice!

Source:HaiLeiRelease time:2016-01-22

Laser marking is applied more widely in the lighting field , light ball mark, marking lamp, an increasing proportion of application. When a lighting manufacturer need purchase the lighting marking machine, if there is no contact about marking machine, it may also not start shopping for a suitable own production needs of laser marking machine, according to most lighting customers exchange experience and summed up what we refer to:
In practical uses of reference:
1. The use of laser marking performance increase production speed;
2. Can improve the quality of the products labeled;
3. Low comprehensive cost;
4. The use of high efficiency;
5. Seamlessly work with existing processes, automated binding;
On the quality of the machine for your reference:
1. Good stable output beam quality;
2. The output power is suitable for users of most popular products;
3. The laser marking machine should have high reliability, it should be capable of continuous operation in harsh industrial processing environments;
4. The laser marking machine itself should have good maintenance, fault diagnosis and chain functions, downtime is shorter;
5. Operation is simple and easy to understand, clear and concise control key functions, it can refuse improper operation, self-protection, protection from damage;
These are the conventional method of purchasing, there is the brand of choice that should choose big brand laser manufacturers, after all, the machine will relate to after-sale maintenance and training, brand manufacturers in more reliable quality, service and more standardized, more timely, you can go to laser machine factory site when necessary to determine the strength of the brand!
Hailei laser lighting laser marking machine is a professional laser marking machine manufacturers in the lighting industry and services with hundreds of lighting business, and widely acclaimed!

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