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Laser processing technology is the use of a laser beam interaction with the material properties of the material (including metallic and non-metallic) for cutting, welding, surface treatment, drilling and micro-processing. Laser processing technology in relation to the optical, mechanical, electrical, materials and testing and many other subjects of a comprehensive technology.
Advanced processing model, high efficiency
The focused laser beam as a very fine tool, the surface material can be removed by point, its nature is that the labeling process is non-contact processing, to avoid damage caused by mechanical stress; the laser spot after focusing is very small, small heat-affected area, fine processing, and therefore, it can realize some process that conventional methods can not achieve.
Low cost, easy to operate
Laser processing using the "tool" is the spot after focusing, high processing speed and power consumption only, without adding additional equipment and other materials, low processing costs.
Easy for product identification
Information and symbol of laser marking will not subside due to the harsh environment, the information can be permanently maintained; marking a unique serial number, easy for product identification and traceability.
Comply with environmental requirements
Laser processing non-toxic, exceed requirements of environmental protection, is a safe and clean way of processing, without having to worry about the presence of silk screen and export restrictions caused by corrosion and other processes.
Achieve zero backlog of inventory
Flexibility of laser processing, computer-controlled output, no minimum volume processing requirements; you can mark products for different customers requirement, it can be easily customized to achieve flexible and differentiated production, thereby reducing the risk of product backlog.

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