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Shenzhen Hailei laser technology Co., LTD devoted all our heart into the researching, development, production and sales.

Our company establish in 2007, we guide ourselves for the needs of customers, and follow the pace of the market to update our products. We provide you the better service, the better quality, the reasonable price for the love in return from the customers, and pursue the extraordinary quality with the eyes of the customers! We care for our employees, and put innovation first. We develop our enterprise by thoughtful service, aim at the satisfactory of customers, and beyond the needs of customers.

Hailei laser provides a whole set of scheme and related device for customers both in china and aboard. Our main products are series laser marking machine (fiber laser, CO2 laser, UV laser), series laser welding machine (jewelry laser, automatic laser, mold laser, fiber transmission laser).

We have many years of export experience, can be customized for clients the most suitable machine.

Our goal is to expand day by day into each country and to bring satisfaction to our customers, offering solutions at a cost-effective rate. We are constantly developing and improving our existing models of machinery in order to be up to date to the current levels of sophistication. Our full line of equipment and accessories is actually fitting every demand of our customer’s laser machine lines. We bring solutions to every need at a very reasonable cost. We are experts in selecting the best choices of equipment and machinery under the demands of our clients. With a combination of cost-effective rates and machinery expertise, Hailei laser is the best choice you might have at the present moment as your supplier.

Widely used in hardware, bearing, mold,precision instruments, instruments, mobile communication, auto parts ,electronic circuit, gold and silver jewelry, handicraft, plastic button, battery, computer, clock and watch fittings, dress etc.

Shenzhen Hailei Laser Technology Co., Ltd.


Add:4/F, Zhengke era building, No.17 King Hill Industrial Road, Shajing Street, Baoan District,Shenzhen,China Design:szzn