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How to buy inexpensive automatic laser welding machine

Source:HaiLeiRelease time:2016-09-17

The price is that we consider more problems when buying automatic laser welding machine, under the premise of the same quality, I believe we will always choose a low price, but the market price is always uneven, because the impact of laser welding factors machine price is indeed too much, then the factors affecting the automatic laser welding machine prices, what does?
1. Technical
Because the laser welding machine manufacturers are more technical level uneven. So there are technical advantages of brands sold by laser welding machine price is expensive, and some no core technology brand machine can only rely on price to the market. This is actually not difficult to understand, a sub-price goods, this and buy household appliances including cars.
2. Manufacturing costs
Manufacturing cost of the machine itself, a good automatic laser welding machine in order to ensure the stability and quality of the selection of the components is certainly the best, or certainly with some general components the stability of laser welding machine no good, brand reputation is going to affect. So why the high stability and good brand machines, and some cheap machines on the stability on unsatisfactory, because no technology competition, only price competition, so the choice of components is certainly cheap.
3. Service
Laser welding machine laser tube, reflective lenses are consumables, have a certain life, need to be replaced after the expiration. This requires a powerful laser welding machine manufacturers to provide after-sales service guarantee, can provide these supplies timely. With these assurances, the price of laser welding machine is bound to be a little high; and there is no guarantee these services vendors, products sold, the buyer will not provide these services, and so will the price above a little cheaper.
At the time of purchase of automatic welding machine laser equipment, met the same model, the same type of product, but prices are different, then we must generalize the reasons and according to the needs of the buy, the price must not only as the sole reference factor, from a wide range of understanding.

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