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What precautions for the machine?


⑴ Machine use environment
Because the laser equipment belonging to a combination of the optical, mechanical, electrical and other aspects of the optical device with high-tech, it has more stringent requirements for the environment, the environment directly affects the stability of equipment operation and service life. Thus, the environment should meet the following requirements:
1. Machine installation site should be clean and free of dust and grease, no vibration and electromagnetic interference, and leave some space to operate and maintain.
2. Machine installation site ambient temperature should be better control at 5-35℃ , humidity less than 65%, or you must install air conditioning.
3. Power supply capacity and lead must meet the equipment requirements, voltage fluctuation is less than 10%, and connect a reliable grounding wire.
4. Cooling water in the machine need ensure that cooling water is best to use pure distilled or deionized water, but should be used pure distilled water for the semiconductor laser, can not use deionized water. And cooling water is changed once a month.
⑵ Machine operation and maintenance
1. The operator of the machine need have knowledge of the general operation of the computer, has a cultural basis. Maintenance staff should also have a light, mechanical, electrical professional basics.
2. The machine operator and maintenance personnel must carefully read the product manual.
3. It need arrange permanent staff to be responsible for maintenance, timing maintenance (generally not less than once a month).
4. Machine maintenance main tasks:
    ① Remove dust to ensure good ventilation;
    ② Periodic replacement of the cooling water and clean the tank, ensure that the cooling water clean;
    ③ Check the electrical control and protection system work is sensitive and reliable, whether the cooling system is working properly;
    ④ Check the optical components are clean, if the optical path shifted. Otherwise, the available lens paper and absolute alcohol to clean the optical components;
    ⑤ Test laser focus is consistent with the focal length of the actual use, if not, adjust bench lift or beam expander;

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