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Common troubleshooting of laser cutting machine


1. Start machine without any reflection
Power fuse is burnt out: replace the fuse.
Power input is normal: check the power input and make it normal.
Whether the main power switch is damaged: Replace the main power switch.
2. No laser output or laser weak
Whether the light path Offset: carefully adjust the optical path.
Reflective lens is contaminated or damaged: Clean or replace the reflective lenses.
Whether the device focusing Focus Change: Re-adjust the focus.
Focusing mirror for contamination: clean the focusing lens.
Cooling water quality or water is not normal: Replace clean cooling water to a temperature to normal.
Are circulate cooling water: cooling dredge waterways.
Whether the laser tube is damaged or worn: replace the laser tube.
Laser power supply is powered on: Check the laser power supply circuit to make it normal.
Machine temperature is too high: 1 off let cool down; 2 ventilation strengthen machine heat; 3 Adjust the ambient temperature....
Laser power is damaged: Replace the laser power.
3. Cutting / engraving depth is not ok
Cutting / engraving process parameters are normal: to set the appropriate processing parameters.
Laser power settings are normal: the laser power is set correctly.
Laser output becomes weak: See point 2.
4. Computer & Equipment can not connect on.
Scan switch is turned on: Open the scanner.
Motion system is powered on: Check the power supply system and make normal movement.
DSP motion control card is damaged: Replace DSP motion control card.
Signal cable is loose: Plug the video cable and fixed.
5. Processing dimension margin error or operation error
Machine and computer ground is normal: the device and the computer is well grounded.
The signal line is working: Replace the signal line.
Computer operating system failure or virus infection: reinstall your operating system or antivirus.
The computer is running correctly: replace or handle the computer.
Power supply is unstable or interfering signals: the installation of regulators or eliminate the interference signal.
Application software is properly: reinstall the software and motion control card driver software.
Whether machining parameters are set correctly (eg layout, etc.): re-set the corresponding parameters
Processing programming properly: Check the programmed machining program, modify it until normal.
6. The slide movement is not satisfactory
Car slides and slide for contamination: clean slide and slider.
Guide for contamination: Clean and lubricate rail.
Transmission gear is loose: tighten gear
Drive belt is loose: Adjust the belt tension.


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