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Fiber laser marking machine cautions

Source:HaiLeiRelease time:2015-10-15

Fiber laser marking machine is a precision equipment, maintenance is difficult, so in daily use should pay attention to the following points:
(1) The equipment should be installed at no dust, no soot, non-corrosive gases in the workplace, the environment temperature is preferably at 10 ℃ to 35 ℃, humidity of 45% to 85%, in order to ensure good ventilation and maintenance needs, the from the machine and walls and other obstructions between the holding of at least 0.6m.
(2) When the machine does not start to work, cover the field of the lens cap to prevent dust contamination of optical lenses; if it is focusing mirror surface is contaminated, it should remove the focusing mirror clean its lower surface. Removal should be particularly careful, be careful not to bump, do not touch the hand or other articles focusing mirror mirror. The method of cleaning is to dry ethanol (AR) and diethyl ether (AR) of 3: 1 ratio, with a long fiber cotton swab or lens tissue invasion mixture, gently scrub the end surface of microscopic focus, every smear side, must be replaced once a cotton swab or lens paper.
(3) Operation of the circuit device is high voltage situation, do not boot and repair work in order to avoid electric shock; any failure cut off the power immediately.
(4) Prevent fiber cable breakage, between the laser source and the laser head by an optical fiber connection, ensure that the fiber cable bending diameter is greater than 300mm, severe bending will break the fiber cable and laser system won’t work.
(5) Laser laser output wavelength infrared light 1.064IXm visible, even in the case of deviation from the focal length may also cause third degree burns. Equipment operators must wear safety glasses when operating the beam contains visible and invisible radiation, even when wearing protective glasses, prohibit looking up and looking the laser beam from scanhead.

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