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Advantages of automatic laser welding machine

Source:HaiLeiRelease time:2015-08-20

1. The laser power and density is big, the workpiece after the absorption of the laser and the rapid increase in temperature to melt or vaporize, even high melting point, high hardness and brittle materials (such as ceramics, diamond, etc.) are also useful in the laser processing;
2. The laser head and the workpiece does not contact, the processing tool wear problems do not exist;
3. The workpiece are not subject to stress, not easy to get polluted;
4. Can do processing the workpiece in the seal or the movement of the glass shell material ;
5.The divergence angle of the laser beam is less than 1 milli arc spot diameter as small as micrometers, the role of time can be as short nanosecond and picosecond same time, high-power lasers and continuous output power can be up to ten kilowatts kilowatt range, making It is both suitable for precision laser micromachining, and because the material is suitable for large-scale processing;
6.The laser beam is easy to control, easy and precision machinery, precision measurement technology and computer-phase binding, highly automated process and achieve high precision;
7. In harsh environments or others inaccessible places available robot laser processing.
Automatic laser welding machine features:
1.Use the British imported ceramic cavity, high photoelectric conversion efficiency;
2.CCD video monitoring, ensure the welding quality stability;
3. Customizable dedicated automated fixture, realize the product of mass production;
4. Widely used in various types of complex welds, such as irregular curve track straight, circular.
5. Widely used in stainless steel, aluminum, copper, the phone shell, electronic, battery. jewellery bathroom lighting and other industries.
Laser welding machine category:
Laser welding is laser material processing machines, divided into laser mold welder (manual welding machine), automatic laser welding machines, laser spot welding, fiber optic transmission laser welding machine, light welding is the use of high-energy laser pulses on the material local heating small areas, the energy of the laser radiation through internal heat transfer based material diffusion, the formation of a specific pool after melting of the material in order to achieve welding.
Automatic laser welding machine Nd: YAG laser:
Cavity laser light, front and rear chamber diaphragms together form a solid YAG laser, in order to improve the stability of the components connected to these components are mounted on precision guide.
Nd: YAG laser is a solid-state laser crystal, which uses Nd: YAG crystal as the laser medium, Nd: YAG crystal laser medium is neodymium (Nd) atoms in the crystal doped yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG), and neodymium atoms is preferred percentage 1%. Therefore, Nd: YAG crystal is the full name of neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet crystals, Nd: YAG crystal is generally made into a rod.
Nd: YAG laser ceramic condenser cavity, the cavity of Lamps (Xenon arc lamp) single-rod (YAG crystal) structure, cavity, laser crystals and water-cooled xenon lamps are required. At the bottom of the cavity has an inlet and an outlet, the cooling water using deionized water and distilled water.
Laser cavity diaphragms are curved 20MM × 3MM optically flat glass, both surfaces of each coated with a highly reflective film AR coating high, were installed in the two-dimensional precision mechanical adjustment rack.

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