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The development trend of laser cutting machine

Source:HaiLeiRelease time:2016-03-04

1. High-speed, high-precision laser cutting machine due to the improved high power laser beam mode and 32-bit microcomputer applications, laser cutting equipment, high-speed, high precision and create favorable conditions.
2. slabs cutting and large workpieces cut large laser cutting machine can be used as the laser power increases laser cutting, laser cutting is toward the direction of development of heavy planks cut from the sheet of light sheet metal processing.
3. The three-dimensional multi-axis CNC laser cutting machine, three-dimensional workpieces in order to meet the automotive, aerospace and other industrial cutting needs, has developed a variety of five-or six-axis three-dimensional laser cutting machine, CNC axes to nine axes , processing speed, high precision. In advanced countries, car production line, laser cutting robots more and more. Currently, three-dimensional laser cutting machine forward high efficiency, high precision, versatility and high adaptability direction, its application will be getting bigger and bigger.
4. The laser cutting unit automation and unmanned order to improve productivity and labor savings, currently is toward laser cutting laser cutting unit (FMC) and unmanned, automated direction. This automated system development unit, must rely on the cash automatic control, network control technology and computer assisted production management system technology. Foreign countries have a wide variety of laser cutting units can be supplied to the market, and by six large-scale laser cutting machine is the core component of the unmanned cutting production lines run at the factory.
5. The combination of compact and integrated CNC laser cutting machine with laser-mentioned reduction and power increases, and constantly improve assistive devices, there has been the laser power, the host, control systems and cooling water circulation devices closely together, form a small footprint, full-featured set of compact laser cutting machine. In addition, laser cutting technology is laser welding, laser surface hardening, such as laser processing technology portfolio to develop a machine to further improve equipment utilization.

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