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Any maintenance for laser marking machine?

Source:HaiLeiRelease time:2015-12-17

Clean fan: After a long period of using fan, it will accumulate a lot of solid dust, so fans have a great noise, and is not conducive to the exhaust odor. When there is less poor suction fan exhaust, first turn off the power to the fan duct on the duct and removed, remove the dust inside, then the fan upside down, inside and stubbs fan until clean , then install the fan.
Screw fastening coupling: motor system at work for some time, the motion screw junction, will have loose coupling, will affect the smooth mechanical movement, so observe the operation of the machine transmission parts are not different sound or abnormal phenomenon, identify problems and timely maintenance firm. At the same time the machine tool should be a period of time individually sturdy screws. The first firm should use the device after about a month.
Clean lenses :( recommendations of the working day before cleaning equipment shall be turned off) on the engraving machine has three mirrors and a focusing mirror (mirror 1 is located at the outlet of the laser-emitting tube, which is the upper left corner of the machine, 2 No mirrors in the beam of the left end of No. 3 at the top of the mirror fixing portion of the laser head, the laser focusing lens is located in the lower portion of the adjustable lens barrel head), laser light is reflected by the lens after the focusing emitted from the laser head. Lens easily coated with dust or other pollutants, causing loss or damage to the laser lens, No. 1 and No. 2 lens cleaning Needless to remove, simply wipe moistened with cleaning fluid lens paper carefully along the lens center to the rotary wiping edge. 3 lenses and focusing mirror frames need to remove in the same way, after wiping finished back to its origin.
Optical inspection: laser marking machine optical system by focusing mirror reflection and focusing mirror together to complete, the focus in the optical path mirror there is no offset problem, but three mirrors by mechanical part fixed, partial the possibility of a larger shift, offset though not usually happen, but recommends that users be sure to check before work each light path is normal.
Replace water and clean the tank: clean the water tank each week and replace a circulating water, recycled water quality and water temperature directly affects the life of laser tube, it is recommended to use pure water, and the water temperature controlled at below 35 ℃. If more than 35 ℃ need to replace the circulating water, or add ice cubes to the water to reduce the temperature, (recommended to choose cooler, or use two tanks). Clean water tank: First turn off the power, unplug the inlets, pipe, allowing water to flow automatically into the laser tube inside the tank, open the tank, remove the pump, remove the dirt on the pump. The clean water tank and replace the circulating water well, the water pump reverts back to the tank, connect the pump inlet pipe is inserted, tidy up the connectors. The pump is powered separately and run for 2-3 minutes (the laser tube filled with recycled water)
1. Gently wipe the lens should not be damaged surface coating; 2. Wipe process should be gently, to prevent falling; 3 focusing mirror installation, be sure to keep concave down.
2. The method is suitable for cooling system marking equipment. Equipment for air-cooled systems can be omitted.

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